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You’re The Only One That Matters

It’s at this point that we would like to remind gamers that the opinions of others, no matter how definitive they may claim to be, don’t really matter. If a game that you loved playing in 2019 doesn’t make someone’s top ten, will that affect how much you enjoy the game next time you fire it up? Or will it take away from how much you loved playing the game before knowing not everyone shared that same opinion? We’d hope that the answer to both of those questions would be no.

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Although some games are praised more than others, or receive more mainstream publicity, there is no such thing as a game being objectively better than another. Some might sell more copies and be loved by more people, but that should not matter to the individual. A game with more awards and better reviews might end up selling more copies off the back of that, but it won’t make anyone love it more.

5 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released in 2015 and put CD Projekt Red on the map as one of the gaming industry’s most esteemed development teams. CD Projekt Red’s game was particularly admired for its visuals, which truly showed off the hardware of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and made owners of high-end PC’s the envy of the gaming industry.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s visuals are just one of its many impressive features, however, as the game is also beloved for the often morally charged decisions that it frequently demands the player to make. The ‘Bloody Baron’ quest is notable for this in particular, and it has become one of gaming’s most memorable side quests.

What Has Been Your Game Of The Year?

All that should matter to you at the end of each year, and in this instance, the end of the decade, is what games you enjoyed playing most. Yes, it’s nice to see the lists of others to see how they compare, but don’t let that affect how you feel or diminish your own opinions. They are still as valid as they were before you started reading all of these game of the year nominees. Also, don’t disparage others if their opinions are different for the very same reasons.

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With that, we’d like to invite you to compile your own top five lists of 2019 and share it with us. Don’t let our opinions or anyone else’s sway your own, just think of the best five games you have played this year. In fact, try to do so before checking out any other lists. That way, you’ll know what your true top five really is and won’t just select the five games you think others will choose, or won’t choose if you’re trying to be edgy.

The game of the year awards have been criticized for their omissions, as will every other “official” list that is published between now and the end of the year. Just remember, while these lists are fun to compile and read, to you, they shouldn’t matter. Your list is the only one that matters, now get out of here and go play your favorite games of 2019 one more time.

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10 Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain was released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 in 2010 and was a pioneer in bringing decision-heavy games back into the mainstream market. Sadly, the game is often dismissed today, as it’s hard to deny that many of its features have aged poorly. It’s worth noting, however, that many of the games that people point to as being superior likely wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain performed extremely well with critics when it was initially released, exemplified by its impressive Metascore of 87. The game also won numerous awards, including Outstanding Innovation in Gaming from the Interactive Achievement Awards.

13 The Stanley Parable

Along with games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender: The Eight Pages, Galactic Cafe The Stanley Parable was among the first wave of games that can largely credit their unexpected burst in popularity to YouTube streamers. This is thanks to how fun it is to watch other people reach certain moments in the game and how tempting it was for the viewers to try The Stanely Parable for themselves and see what narrative paths they could discover.

Without a doubt, the true stars of The Stanley Parable are British actor Kevan Brighting who voiced the narrator, and those who wrote his script. The narrator will talk the protagonist through what they’re “supposed” to do, though going against this will spark all sorts of bizarre twists and turns.

1 Alpha Protocol

The final game on this list is another that features a reappearing developer, as Alpha Protocol was created by Fallout: New Vegas’ Obsidian Entertainment.

The game is certainly not the most critically acclaimed title on this list, exemplified by its lackluster 72 Metascore on PC, but it deserves a spot nonetheless — if decision-making is what someone is looking for, then Alpha Protocol is one of the best modern options available. The game has developed a strong cult following over the years, with fans noting how even the smallest of details and decisions can affect the direction of the Alpha Protocol’s narrative.

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15 XCOM 2

The XCOM series has predominantly become known for two things since the franchise reached the attention of mainstream gaming: its brutal difficulty and often ridiculous hit percentage chances. This made some people who hadn’t played the game believe it to be a gimmick, though this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although the game does have its moments of absurd difficulty, players who get to grips with it will be rewarded with a challenging yet rewarding turn-based strategy game that demands players to think a few moves ahead like a game of chess. Players don’t just need to think ahead and carefully plan out their decisions to complete each mission, but also because if one of their team members dies, they’re gone for good.

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