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Sleeve Sizes

To determine what kind of sleeves you will need, simply measure a sample card on the short and long side:

Sleeve measurements are for the size of the card, not the sleeve itself.

As shown in the illustration above, the card from Red November measures 1 5/8″ inches on its short side and 2 1/2″ inches on its long side. This card therefore fits in a Mini American sleeve.

Once you have the measurement of your cards, refer to the chart below to find the type of sleeve you need. Sleeve measurements are given in inches and millimeters.

Product CodeProduct NameCard Size in InchesCard Size in MillimetersColor Code
FFS01Mini American1 5/8 X 2 1/2 IN41 X 63 MMYellow
FFS02Mini European1 11/16 X 2 5/8 IN44 X 68 MMRed
FFS03Standard American2 1/4 X 3 1/2 IN56 X 89 MMGreen
FFS04Standard European2 5/16 X 3 9/16 IN59 X 92 MMPurple
FFS05Standard Card Game2 1/2 X 3 1/2 IN63.5 X 88 MMGray
FFS65Square Card2 11/16 IN X 2 11/16 IN70 X 70 MMBlue
FFS66 Tarot Card2 3/4 IN X 4 3/4 IN70 X 120 MMOrange

Each pack of sleeves are color-coded so that when you go into your local retailer to purchase board game sleeves, you can be sure you’ve chosen the right kind.

Another way you can determine what kind of sleeves you need is to compare your cards to games you already own.


Живые карточные игры

Fantasy Flight Games определяет «живую карточную игру» как разновидность коллекционных карточных игр . У LCG есть регулярные расширения и построение колоды, как у CCG, но у них нет «модели покупки вслепую», как у CCG. Вместо рандомизированных стартовых колод и бустеров в LCG есть стартовые наборы и пакеты расширения с фиксированным нерандомизированным распределением карт. Их стартовые наборы поставляются с предварительно сконструированными стартовыми колодами и спроектированы так, чтобы быть автономными; они могут быть воспроизведены сами по себе или расширены для построенной игры с расширениями. Пакеты расширения выпускаются ежемесячно или почти ежемесячно, каждый из которых содержит 60 карт, с количеством копий каждой уникальной карты, равным предельному количеству копий, разрешенному игроку в его или ее колоде (например, три копии каждая карта в пакете Android: Netrunner ). Большие «роскошные» расширения выпускаются реже и обычно содержат намного больше карт и иногда вводят новые игровые механизмы.

Многие игры других компаний используют аналогичную модель распространения, но поскольку «Living Card Game» и ее инициалы «LCG» являются зарегистрированными товарными знаками Fantasy Flight Games, другие издатели не используют этот термин. Например, Upper Deck Entertainment перезапустили VS System в 2015 году как игру в стиле LCG, но продают ее как «карточную игру для двух игроков» или «2PCG».

Fantasy Flight Games в настоящее время распечатывает следующие LCG:

  • Властелин колец: Карточная игра (2011)
  • Игра престолов: Карточная игра, второе издание (2015)
  • Ужас Аркхема: Карточная игра (2016)
  • Чемпионы Marvel: Карточная игра (2019)

Fantasy Flight Games ранее печатала следующие LCG:

  • Зов Ктулху: Карточная игра (2008–2015)
  • Игра престолов: Карточная игра (первое издание) (2008–2015)
  • Warhammer: Invasion (2009–2013)
  • Android: Netrunner (2012–2018 гг.)
  • Звездные войны: Карточная игра (2012–2018)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Conquest (2014–2017)
  • Легенда о пяти кольцах: Карточная игра (2017–2021)

Fantasy Flight также напечатала Blue Moon Legends , которая представляет собой полную коллекцию Blue Moon и ее дополнений. Несмотря на то, что он имеет похожий игровой процесс и фиксированный набор карт, как в Living Card Game, он не был выпущен в линейке Living Card Game.


Fantasy Flight Games издали карточную игру KeyForge в 2018 году. Созданная дизайнером Magic: The Gathering Ричардом Гарфилдом , KeyForge отличается от других коллекционных карточных игр (CCG) тем, что в игре используется процедурная генерация для создания уникальных колод. Обычно CCG продаются в виде готовых колод или бустеров. Fantasy Flight Games называет KeyForge «игрой с уникальной колодой», потому что каждая колода содержит процедурно разработанного персонажа, уникального для этой колоды, который называется Archon. IGN описал игру как «смелую новую идею и совершенно другой формат игры», но поставил под сомнение модель рандомизации, предположив, что «люди не будут тратить кучу денег на отдельные редкие карты, но это могло быть заменено на тратить кучу денег на случайные коробки для колод в надежде получить удачную комбинацию карт.

Fantasy Flight Supply Sleeving Guide

This document lists current FFG games, what kind of board game sleeves they use, and how many packs of each kind you will need to completely sleeve a copy of that game. This list is periodically updated to take into account new games that FFG releases. You can also find information on necessary sleeves in a product listing.

Games are listed alphabetically on the information sheet. Expansions will be listed beneath core games. Find your game on the list and note the colored dots and numbers in the same row as your game. The dots indicate which sleeves you will need (For example, Red = Mini European Size) and the numbers inside the dots indicate how many packs you will need, rounded to the nearest whole pack. Each pack contains 50 sleeves.

Fantasy Flight Supply Sleeving Guide (PDF, 340 KB)

Last update: 2/28/10. Added Anima: Twilight of the Gods, Battles of Westeros: Lords of the River, Battlestar Galactica: Exodus Expansion, Cosmic Conflict, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Core Set, Magnifico, Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear.

Card Sleeves

Whether you’re looking to protect the cards from your favorite board game or preparing your optimal LCG deck for a big tournament, Fantasy Flight Supply has you covered. With four different sizes of board game card sleeves, and an assortment of colors and art styles for your LCG sleeves, there’s definitely a sleeve for all occasions! Board game cards come in a variety of sizes accommodating cards for the United States and Europe. Available in five different sizes, Fantasy Flight Supply board game sleeve packs are color-coded so that when you go to the game store to buy sleeves, you can easily identify the sleeves you need. All sleeves in the Fantasy Flight Supply board game sleeve line are made of clear, 100 micron-thick, non-PVC, acid-free polypropylene plastic. This means that the sleeves are durable, difficult to tear or crease, and free of chemicals that will corrode the cards within the sleeves. The sleeves are also designed to fit cards snugly, to make shuffling and handling easy. Each pack of sleeves includes fifty sleeves.Visit the support section for more information on sleeve sizing and download our Sleeving Guide that will tell you which sleeves fit which which games.

A Growing Threat

Whether you serve as a Guide for your allies or help defend them as another role—such as Shieldmaiden—your mission in Spreading War remains the same: protect the kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan from the Enemy’s mercenary onslaught. The campaign of this expansion spans the length of a year in-game, and the decisions you and your fellow heroes make across all four seasons will shape the twists and turns of the story. At certain story beats, you will be able to travel between the two kingdoms, but choosing when to do so will have lasting effects on how the campaign plays out. Will your Fellowship focus on bolstering one kingdom’s defenses over the other? Or will you prioritize gathering information and investigating the mastermind behind the threat?

The mercenary threat is not to be trifled with. You may even find yourselves facing a powerful War Oliphaunt!

These adventures will bring you face-to-face with the aforementioned mercenaries and other dark forces as you travel between Gondor and Rohan, and the longer it takes you to find the orchestrator of the assaults, the harder they will become to repel. In the spring, the mercenary threat is small and easier to handle, but by the time autumn rolls around they will be truly formidable. New enemy types like the War Oliphaunt, Soldier, and Fell Beast all behave in ways that shake up the flow of combat, such as allowing other enemies more movement or inflicting the new banes on the players—we’ll go into more detail on those at a later date.

Logic and Lore

This wouldn’t be a new Arkham Horror expansion without some new investigators. One of these is Agatha Crane, a woman who expertly blends science with the occult.

With degrees in Mathematics and Psychology, Agatha has always placed a premium on evidence-based science and logical thought. When she was young, she didn’t pay much attention to superstitions or ghost stories, but mounting evidence in recent years has led Agatha to conclude that there is a kernel of truth to the tales of monsters, spirits, and magic that permeate Arkham’s history. That said, if these things are real, then they must obey consistent rules, just as the physical sciences do; she just needs to find them. And so, as the pioneer of the new study of “parapsychology,” Agatha seeks to bridge the gap between the mystic and the rational, and she will plunge headfirst into the unknown.

While she’s a scientist at heart, Agatha is surprisingly adept at using magic. With above-average lore and solid sanity, Agatha can be certain to cast a spell successfully, and, with her personal ability, she can take advantage of the spell’s horror cost to focus for free and gain a remnant! Agatha can also put her parapsychological expertise to use with the
Occult Principle
, a unique talent that is one of her starting cards. After taking a risk by delving into the horrors of the occult for an extra clue, Agatha flips this card over to the
Scientific Method
. By using the ward action to remove the extra doom from her Occult Principle, Agatha could use the Scientific Method to gain even more clues with a free research action, all while stockpiling more remnants for later use.

Clearly, the more Agatha understands the occult and the arcane, the more useful and formidable she becomes. And she is just one of the four new investigators included in Secrets of the Order!

Shrouded in Secrets

Secrets of the Order comes packaged with three new scenarios, and with them comes an enormous amount of replayability, bringing you throughout the older areas of Arkham, Massachusetts. Whether you are protecting innocent bystanders from rampaging gugs or stopping the Order of the Silver Twilight from summoning an Ancient One, new threats will keep you on your toes in each scenario.

This time, however, the threats are even harder to pin down than usual. Several monsters in this expansion have the new “shrouded” keyword, cloaking everything from its attributes, abilities, to even its health in mystery. This is especially showcased with the three Haunting Dead monsters featured in the expansion’s first scenario.

The true nature of these monsters is not revealed until an investigator engages them or they are exhausted, and, since they have no health value while shrouded, they cannot be defeated until they flip to their non-shrouded side. After all, you can’t fight what you don’t know!

That said, shrouded monsters can still be dealt damage. Dealing enough damage to a shrouded monster could cause it to be defeated when it engages you, allowing you to “preemptively” defeat them. This could come in handy, especially if that shrouded monster is a
Cacophonous Haunt
or a
Screaming Haunt
, both of which have hindering effects that make them hard to deal with. However, that shrouded monster could also be an ally in disguise, such as the
Weeping Haunt
, so think carefully before you strike!


Looking to add some quality components to your own game designs? Want some colored tokens more durable than cardboard? You’ve found your source with Fantasy Flight Supply tokens. Gaming Tokens come in packs of twenty and are available in five different colors. These round tokens are stackable and are great for tracking various different effects in games. Are your heart tokens in Arkham Horror or Descent: Journeys in the Dark not cutting it? Replace them with your own tokens in the colors of your choosing. Wooden Tokens are also available for players looking to expand their collection with a variety of shapes. These packs of fifty include cubes, buildings, roads, pawns, discs, and more, available in six different colors.

Fantasy Flight Supply Informational Flyer

Retailers and Distributors: This informational flyer provides all of the basic information about Board Game Sleeves and Art Sleeves to help your customers make informed purchases of Fantasy Flight Supply products. Feel free to copy and distribute this flyer.

Fantasy Flight Supply Informational Flyer – web-quality (PDF, 428 KB)

Fantasy Flight Supply Informational Flyer – print-quality (PDF, 7.8 MB)

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Stalwart Companions

With an onslaught of brutal mercenary attacks targeting both Gondor and Rohan, it will take a group of courageous heroes to withstand the assault and push them back. Fortunately, Spreading War provides six new heroes to help defend the kingdoms of Men, each bringing their own unique strengths and skills to your Fellowship.

First among these fine heroes is
, the taciturn shapeshifter whom Bilbo and the Traveling Company encountered on their journey to Erebor. More at home in the woods than among people, Beorn excels at scouting and safely making his way through the wilderness of Middle-earth. The greatest—and most iconic—feature of this soft-spoken beekeeper is his ability to transform into a hulking beast of great spirit and might. Use Beorn’s innate ability to help you search your skill deck for
The First Beorning
, then prepare it to transform into
The Great Bear
. As part of this transformation, you will actually swap Beorn’s character card, equipped items, and plastic figure to those of the Great Bear, which means Beorn is essentially two heroes in one!

Though he cannot equip normal items while in his bear form, there can be no mistake that Beorn is a powerful figure on the battlefield. With a whopping 5 might, Beorn can use his
Rending Claws
to reliably rip through enemies, and his
Hoary Coat
lets him shrug off even the most gruesome of injuries. When you are ready to shed your bear form, take advantage of The Great Bear’s extra cost to interact and discard The First Beorning from play to walk as a man once more.

Even while he isn’t a bear, Beorn is a versatile hero. Use
Beast Tongue
in tandem with Beorn’s innate ability to scout for free and gain another action, then attack an enemy as a
Friend of Bees
to stun them. If you defeat them, you can use
The Day Will Come
to scout again, allowing you to fish for The First Beorning if you feel like donning the guise of The Great Bear once more.

Beorn’s affinity with the wilderness makes him an excellent guide, which also happens to be one of the six new roles added in the Spreading War expansion! Point your allies to
The Way Forward
to help everyone move further toward the goal, then use the
Great Hound
to take even further advantage of Beorn’s innate ability.

We will go into further detail on the other five new heroes included in Spreading War in a future preview, so stay tuned!


Издательство Fantasy Flight было основано в 1995 году его генеральным директором Кристианом Т. Петерсеном . С момента выпуска своего первого игрового продукта ( Twilight Imperium ) в 1997 году компания вела бизнес под названием Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). С того времени FFG стала одним из крупнейших имен в индустрии хобби-игр, являясь лидером на рынке настольных игр и поддерживая сильный бизнес в категориях карточных игр, ролевых игр и миниатюрных игр.

В 2008 году FFG в партнерстве с Games Workshop представила настройки Warhammer и Warhammer 40K в ролевых, настольных и карточных играх. FFG объявила о прекращении этого партнерства 9 сентября 2016 года. Начиная с 28 февраля 2017 года, FFG больше не предлагает для продажи игры, созданные совместно с Games Workshop.

В августе 2011 года Fantasy Flight Games приобрела лицензию на карточные, миниатюрные и ролевые игры, действие которых происходит во вселенной « Звездных войн ». Они также создали настольные и карточные игры по известным лицензиям Game of Thrones , Battlestar Galactica и Lord of the Rings , а также настольные игры на основе популярных компьютерных игр: Doom: The Boardgame , StarCraft: The Board Game и World of Warcraft: Настольная игра . Они также известны пересмотром и перепечаткой популярных или культовых классических игр, включая Cosmic Encounter , Arkham Horror , Talisman и Netrunner .

С 2010 по 2013 год FFG был партнером Dust Studio в публикации и распространении миниатюрного варгейма Пауло Паренте Dust Tactics . Комментируя сдвиг в 2013 году, Петерсен заявил, что «стало ясно, что игры Paolo и Dust будут лучше обслуживаться партнером, который специализируется на уникальном бизнесе миниатюрных игр».

Fantasy Flight Games была известна своей игровой франшизой Midnight , по которой недолговечная студия Landroval Studios сняла фильм под названием Midnight Chronicles . Похоже, что с 2012 года Midnight больше не производится и не поддерживается Fantasy Flight.

17 ноября 2014 года было объявлено, что Fantasy Flight Games договорилась о слиянии с французским издателем настольных игр Asmodée Éditions .

Asmodee помог перевести некоторые настольные игры Fantasy Flight в цифровую форму, а в октябре 2017 года Asmodée и Fantasy Flight объявили о создании Fantasy Flight Interactive, подразделения объединенных компаний, чтобы довести больше физических настольных игр Fantasy Flight до цифровых реализаций. . Однако в связи с увольнением в масштабах всей компании Fantasy Flight решила закрыть Fantasy Flight Interactive в январе 2020 года.

С декабря 2019 года по январь 2020 года Asmodee объявила, что они намерены сосредоточиться на основных настольных играх, играх в кости и карточных играх Fantasy Flight Games. Их настольные ролевые игры, такие как Star Wars и Genesys , перейдут на Edge Entertainment, а игры Miniatures, такие как X-wing и Armada, на Atomic Mass .

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