Итоги кампании Наследие Данвича (The Dunwich Legacy) в Arkham Horror: The Card Game


The expansion comes with 161 new cards numbered 1 to 104. This includes 5 investigator cards, 5 mini-cards, 90 scenario cards and 61 player cards.


Card No.Card NameClass
1 Zoey Samaras Guardian
2 Rex Murphy Seeker
3 Jenny Barnes Rogue
4 Jim Culver Mystic
5 Ashcan Pete Survivor

Player Cards

The 61 player cards are made up of the following:

  • 1 copy of 10 Investigator unique cards ( #6 – #15)
  • 2 copies of 20 class cards ( #16 – #35)
  • 2 copies of 1 neutral card ( #36)
  • 2 copies of 3 basic weaknesses ( #37 – #39)
  • 1 copy of 3 scenario asset cards ( #40, #61, #80)
Card No.Card NameClassType
6 Zoey’s Cross Neutral Asset
7 Smite the Wicked Neutral Weakness
8 Search for the Truth Neutral Event
9 Rex’s Curse Neutral Weakness
10 Jenny’s Twin .45s Neutral Asset
11 Searching for Izzie Neutral Weakness
12 Jim’s Trumpet Neutral Asset
13 Final Rhapsody Neutral Weakness
14 Duke Neutral Asset
15 Wracked by Nightmares Neutral Weakness
16 Blackjack Guardian Asset
17 Taunt Guardian Event
18 Teamwork Guardian Event
19 Taunt (2) Guardian Event
20 Laboratory Assistant Seeker Asset
21 Strange Solution (Unidentified) Seeker Asset
22 Shortcut Seeker Event
23 Seeking Answers Seeker Event
24 Liquid Courage Rogue Asset
25 Think on Your Feet Rogue Event
26 Double or Nothing Rogue Skill
27 Hired Muscle (1) Rogue Asset
28 Rite of Seeking Mystic Asset
29 Ritual Candles Mystic Asset
30 Clarity of Mind Mystic Asset
31 Bind Monster (2) Mystic Event
32 Fire Axe Survivor Asset
33 Peter Sylvestre Survivor Asset
34 Bait and Switch Survivor Event
35 Peter Sylvestre (2) Survivor Asset
36 Kukri Neutral Asset
37 Indebted Neutral Basic Weakness
38 Internal Injury Neutral Basic Weakness
39 Chronophobia Neutral Basic Weakness
40 Dr. Henry Armitage Neutral Asset
61 Professor Warren Rice Neutral Asset
80 Dr. Francis Morgan Neutral Asset

Scenario Cards

There are 90 scenario cards in the expansion.

Card No.Card NameTypeEncounter Set
41 Extracurricular Activity Scenario reference card #1
42 Quiet Halls Agenda card #2
43 Dead of Night Agenda card #3
44 The Beast Unleashed Agenda card #4
45 After Hours Act card #5
46 Rice’s Whereabouts Act card #6
47 Campus Safety Act card #7
48 Miskatonic Quad Location #8
49 Humanities Building Location #9
50 Orne Library Location #10
51 Student Union Location #11
52 Dormitories Location #12
53 Administration Building Location #13
54 Faculty Offices (The Night is Still Young) Location #14
55 Faculty Offices (The Hour is Late) Location #15
56 Science Building Location #16
57 Alchemy Labs Location #17
58 The Experiment Enemy #18
59 Alchemical Concoction Asset #19
60 Jazz Mulligan Asset #20
62 The House Always Wins (card) Scenario reference card #1
63 The Clover Club Agenda card #2
64 Underground Muscle Agenda card #3
65 Chaos in the Clover Club Agenda card #4
66 Beginner’s Luck Act card #5
67 Skin Game Act card #6
68 All In Act card #7
69 Fold Act card #8
70 La Bella Luna Location #9
71 Clover Club Lounge Location #10
72 Clover Club Bar Location #11
73 Clover Club Cardroom Location #12
74 Darkened Hall Location #13
75 Art Gallery Location #14
76 VIP Area Location #15
77 Back Alley Location #16
78 Clover Club Pit Boss Enemy #17
79 Peter Clover Asset #18
81 Something in the Drinks Treachery #20 – #21
82 Arousing Suspicions Treachery #22 – #23
83 Visions of Futures Past Treachery #1 – #3
84 Beyond the Veil Treachery #4 – #6
85 Light of Aforgomon Treachery #1 – #2
86 Thrall Enemy #3 – #5
87 Wizard of Yog-Sothoth Enemy #6
88 Unhallowed Country Treachery #1 – #2
89 Sordid and Silent Treachery #3 – #4
90 Whippoorwill Enemy #1 – #3
91 Eager for Death Treachery #4 – #5
92 Cursed Luck Treachery #1 – #3
93 Twist of Fate Treachery #4 – #6
94 Avian Thrall Enemy #1 – #2
95 Lupine Thrall Enemy #3 – #4
96 Altered Beast Treachery #5 – #6
97 O’Bannion’s Thug Enemy #1 – #2
98 Mobster Enemy #3 – #4
99 Hunted Down Treachery #5 – #6
100 Pushed into the Beyond Treachery #1 – #2
101 Terror from Beyond Treachery #3 – #4
102 Arcane Barrier Treachery #5 – #6
103 Conglomeration of Spheres Enemy #1 – #2
104 Servant of the Lurker Enemy #3

Where Will Your Search Take You?

The Dunwich Legacy introduces two new scenarios, Extracurricular Activity and The House Always Wins, that pit you against the forces defined by eleven new encounter sets. You’ll infiltrate the Clover Club and witness firsthand its shady and sometimes violent transactions. You’ll traverse the halls and greens of Miskatonic University. And if you’re lucky enough—and careful enough—you might just find Dr. Armitage’s missing colleagues and live (with your faculties intact) to tell the tale.

However, the details of that tale will depend both on the decisions you’ll make and your willingness to delve deeper into the layers of mystery you encounter… The Dunwich Legacy doesn’t just allow you to explore two new scenarios and their challenges; it serves as the introduction to the whole The Dunwich Legacy campaign, the subsequent chapters of which will be released in an upcoming cycle of Mythos Packs.

For those investigators willing to pursue the horrifying truth, The Dunwich Legacy campaign offers a thrilling and spiraling descent into mystery and madness. Where will your search for Professors Rice and Morgan take you? What will you learn? What connections will you uncover between recent events and the rumors that date back to Dr. Armitage’s involvement in the incident at Dunwich?

Each of the six Mythos Packs that complete the cycle adds new layers of intrigue and new challenges that you can enjoy either as a standalone adventure or as a part of an eight-act mystery. And it all starts with the scenarios and encounter sets from The Dunwich Legacy.

The Chef, the Musician, the Reporter, and More

If your investigators are driven insane or devoured as you confront the ghouls and cultists in the Core Set scenarios, don’t worry! The Dunwich Legacy introduces five new investigators at the outset of its campaign. Like the investigators from the Core Set, these new investigators all come with unique assets and weaknesses. Unlike the Core Set investigators, however, the investigators from The Dunwich Legacy don’t have primary and secondary classes.

Roland Banks

(Core Set, 1) is primarily a Guardian, who can use Guardian cards of levels zero through five, his Seeker tendencies are represented by his ability to utilize Seeker cards of levels zero through two.

On the other hand, the investigators from The Dunwich Legacy don’t have a secondary class. Instead, like
Zoey Samaras

(The Dunwich Legacy, 1), they have a single class, but can dabble in all the other classes, choosing as many as five level zero cards from classes other than their own.

In this way, they may offer you a shortcut to sampling all the new level zero class cards arriving in The Dunwich Legacy, along with a new neutral card and cards with levels higher than zero. For example, you might want to test Zoey Samaras in combat and play
Double or Nothing

(The Dunwich Legacy, 26) for a shot at extra damage. Or you might want to use the
Rite of Seeking

(The Dunwich Legacy, 28) so that Zoey can conduct her investigations with magic. The beauty of the matter is that because both of these cards are level zero, you can include one or two copies of each in your deck, albeit at the cost of two to four of your precious cross-class card slots.

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