Сага о фруктах – Обзор игры Fabled Fruit

Devil fruits travel skill speed (Slowest to Fastest)

  • Kilo
  • Magma V1, Sand, Smoke
  • Flame V1
  • String V1 , Spin
  • Gravity
  • Magma V2
  • Venom
  • Dragon
  • Falcon
  • Phoenix (Hybrid Flight)
  • String V2
  • Flame V2
  • Ice V2
  • Dough
  • Revive
  • Phoenix (Full Transformation)
  • Light V1
  • Light V2
  • Door

There are currently 9 fruits that can be awakened: Flame, Ice, Quake, Dark, Light, String, Rumble, Magma and Buddha

Only 2 Blox Fruits can spawn in a VIP server at a time unless one is picked up.

  • If you want to remove your fruit, pay 50,000 Beli to an NPC called Blox Fruit Remover who is located at Impel Down (On the Bridge) or at the top of Castle on the Sea.
  • Ice users will create a small pile of Ice when they land on Water.
  • Magma users are immune to lava pits.
  • Chop users are immune to all sword attacks (except for Ice And Light sword), even if the enemies have the Buso Haki/Enhancement
  • Rubber users have immunity to all Guns, Electric and Rumble. This includes stun, click attacks, and all moves. However, it isn’t immune to Pole (2nd Form).
  • Ice and Light swords at 1525 DF Stats and 600 Mastery deal 1286.2 damage.

Types of Devil Fruits

  • Paramecia (Natural) This type of fruit usually has no passive ability. It is the most common type of devil fruit.
  • Logia (Elemental) This type has a passive ability that allows users to bypass any damage if the enemy has a lower level and does not use Buso Haki or a Devil Fruit.
  • Zoan (Mythological) This type of fruit allows users to transform to a beast or an animal.


KeyNameDescriptionMas RequirementGif
Somber RebellionThe user dashes forward, leaving a trail of bats and shadows behind them. If the move touches an enemy, the user will unleash dark slashes, akin to Superhuman’s Z move. After the move is done, the user is launched upwards.1
Shade NestThe user shoots a fast, dark projectile, leaving a trail of bats and shadows behind said projectile. Opponents within range will be knockbacked, without taking damage.100
Nightmare LeechThe user rushes forward, leaving a trail of bats and shadows. If the user hits an entity, they heal 1/5 of their max health while damaging said enitity.200
Corvus TormentThe user initiates a stance before releasing an explosion of darkness, shadows, and bats. If an entity enters the cloud of shadows, they will be continuously thrown around. The damage and range of this move is scaled with the user’s Umbra Meter.300
UmbrageThe user transforms themselves into a dark, cloud-like structure, surrounded by bats. If an entity is close enough, the user will launch bats at them, all while continuing the flight. This move deactivates itself after 8 seconds.50


  • Decent for grinding.
  • Good damage.
  • All moves deal damage.
  • Nightmare Leech heals the player by 20% of their max health when used on a target, which can be extremely useful for PvP.
  • V move has a good hitbox (if the player has full Umbra Meter).
  • Z move can be used to escape combos (if timed correctly) as it flings the user in the air.
  • Decent combo potential.
  • V move is very good for crowded areas.
  • X move sends auto-aim bats at the target (after the projectile hits). The bats are similar to transformed Venom F.
  • Z and C can be used for travelling while F move is on cooldown.
  • Z move is a good counter when rushed at.
  • F move can be used to prevent Training Dummy from healing.
  • Since this fruit is so overrated, you can trade it for Venom or Dragon if you’re lucky.


  • High mastery requirements.
  • Expensive.
  • Very hard to get.
  • Bad when getting teamed on as V move is the only multi-target attack, and because the cooldown for it is quite long.
  • When you first join a server, you will spawn with no Umbra Meter, unlike Dragon and Venom (since they spawn with half of their Fury Meter). And it takes a while for the Umbra Meter to fill up.
  • The Umbra Meter system can glitch (sometimes when a player joins a server, they won’t gain any Umbra Meter at all unless they reset or die).
  • V move drains all of your Umbra Meter.
  • Water (unless you are Fishman v2 or v3).
  • Small hitboxes (Z, X, C). Requires aim to use in PvP.
  • Low range.
  • Only two Ken breakers.
  • The lower your health, the slower the flight gets. And when you’re at about 500 health it gets extremely slow.
  • Z, X, and C are bad for farming (because they’re single-target). If you grind NPCs one-at-a-time it isn’t that bad.
  • F move can only be used for eight seconds and is quite slow.
  • Skilled players can dodge V move with Soru or teleport moves due to its long start-up time.

Пару слов о правилах

Правила в Фруктогонщиках даже не просты, а элементарны. В самом начале раскладываются 6 стопок стартовых карт по 4 одинаковых. Каждая стопка это действие. Игрок ставит свою фишку на одну из открытых карт и либо выполняет действие карты, либо сбрасывает с руки карты фруктов, изображённых внизу, и получает данную карту себе в пул коктейлей.

Из общей стопки выкладывается следующая карта из разложенной по порядку стопки. Таким образом после каждых 4-х коктейлей у игроков на столе появляется новое действие. Игра продолжается пока кто-то из игроков не сварит нужное количество коктейлей (зависит от количества игроков).

Игра заканчивается — победитель получает 2 очка, проигравший 0, остальные — 1. После этого карты на столе сохраняются и игроки могут начать новую партию.

Best fruits tier list

There are many unique devil fruits, known as demon fruits in the game, to collect and use in Blox Fruits, and getting the best ones is no easy task.

Devil fruits give you new skills and boosts, making them one of the most important factors in determining how strong your character is.

There are three overall types of devil fruits in the game:

  • Natural (Paramecia)
  • Elemental (Logia)
  • Beast (Zoan)

The type of devil fruits determines what overall boosts you get when using a particular fruit.

Natural demon fruits don’t give you any special overall boosts, but some natural fruits do have boosts that are similar to the two other types.

Elemental demon fruits make all normal attacks pass right through you, as your character’s body becomes the element of the fruit.

Attacks only pass through you if you are higher level than the attacker.

Beast demon fruits allow your character to transform into the beast or creature of the fruit.

If you use a devil fruit, no matter what fruit it is, your character will take significant damage when in water.

You get access to a devil fruit’s abilities upon using it, and you can unlock each one of them when you meet the mastery required for each one.

You can change the devil fruit that you are currently using by speaking to the Demon Fruit Remover in the Prison, so just go ahead and use any fruit you find if you don’t have one, as you can upgrade to a better one later.

Some fruits are much harder than others to obtain because of low spawn and stock probabilities, and these are usually the better ones.

Furthermore, the rarer devil fruits that have lower probabilities of spawning and appearing in Stock are also more expensive and have higher mastery requirements for each ability.

Getting a good devil fruit in Blox Fruits is the best way to increase your damage output.

Therefore, you want to have one of the best fruits in the game if you want to compete with the top players.

The following tier list ranks all devil fruits or demon fruits in Blox Fruits based on how powerful they are in the game.

All fruits have been given a rank between S and F, with S being the highest and F being the lowest.

In the tier list, you can also see the type of each fruit, its icon, as well as the probability of each one appearing in Stock or spawning in the world.

Only the non-awakened version of the fruits are listed in the following tier list.

We will continuously update this tier list as new fruits are released, or changes are made to the game.

The current tier list based on the tier lists by Blox Fruits YouTubers, JCWK, CurioPlays, and HW5567, as well as input from the Blox Fruits community.

The probabilities of the different devil fruits spawning in the world and appearing in the stock are by BloxFruitPlayer.

That’s the tier list on the best devil fruits in Blox Fruits in Roblox!

If you want to help us improve this tier list, leave your feedback in the comment section below.


В первую очередь бросается в глаза размер карт действий. Они большие. Ну и отмечу арт. С юморком…

Мы очень быстро сыграли 3 партии. С объяснением правил на них ушли всего 1.5 часа. Процесс мне напомнил две игры: Сплендор и (кому-то покажется странным) «Шерлок и Майкрофт» (обе игры я считаю проходными). Но во Фруктогонщиках хотя бы изначально более красивый арт, более крупные карты и более продвинутый игровой процесс.

В течение третей партии у меня начала закрадываться мысль: «А многие ли готовы выдержать полноценную кампанию во Фруктогонщиков». Не сказать, что геймплей яркий и динамичный и фонтанирует новыми идеями. Да, он постоянно потихоньку меняется — старые комбы (если вы вдруг их узреете) перестают работать, но в целом — действие будет однообразным: или найди лучшее на данный момент место, или свари коктейль.

За партию на четверых прокручивается где-то 9-10 карт. В первой партии после сетапа в колоде 214 карт — то есть кампания рассчитана примерно на 20 партий. Осилите?

За 3 партии мы дошли до 14-й карты. Я почитал справочник Фруктогонщиков со всеми картами, но какого-то кардинального прогресса не увидел: тут передай карты соседу, здесь скинь две карты, возьми 4 и т.п. В это можно играть? Да! В это интересно играть? Пожалуй, да. Но глубины и непредсказуемости присущей лучшим играм жанра Legacy — во Фруктогонщиках нет.

Тем не менее я считаю, Фруктогонщиков добротной настольной игрой, которую вполне можно взять в коллекцию в качестве несложного филлера на полчаса. Если проходить кампанию в несколько приёмов дозировано, то она, возможно, даже не наскучит.

7.5 из 10.

Blox Fruit Dealer (Prices, Types and Abilities)

The list below displays the order of Devil Fruits according to the price the Blox Fruit Dealer charges for them. Click here for current fruits that are on stock.

FruitPrice (Beli)Price (Robux)TypeAbility Levels
Bomb$5000R$50Paramecia/Natural1, 15
Spike$7,500R$75Paramecia/Natural1, 15
Chop$30,000R$100Paramecia/Natural1, 20, 50
Spring$60,000R$180Paramecia/Natural1, 20, 60, 80
Kilo$80,000R$220Paramecia/Natural1, 20, 50, 75
Smoke$100,000R$250Logia/Elemental1, 20, 50, 10
Spin$180,000R$380Paramecia/Natural1, 50, 90, 25
Flame$250,000R$550Logia/Elemental1, 1, 50, 100, 10
Falcon$300,000R$650Zoan/Beast1, 1, 80, 120, 20
Ice$350,000R$750Logia/Elemental1, 25, 50, 100
Sand$420,000R$850Logia/Elemental1, 40, 80, 120, 15
Dark$500,000R$950Logia/Elemental1, 40, 80, 110,
Revive$550,000R$975Paramecia/Natural1, 60, 110, 30
Diamond$600,000R$1,000Paramecia/Natural1, 1, 80, 110
Light$650,000R$1,100Logia/Elemental1, 40, 80, 110, 10
Love$700,000R$1,150Paramecia/Natural1, 25, 50, 100
Rubber$750,000R$1,200Paramecia/Natural1, 20, 50, 150
Barrier$800,000R$1,250Paramecia/Natural1, 45, 90, 130, 10
Magma$850,000R$1,300Logia/Elemental1, 45, 95, 140, 10
Door$950,000R$1,400Paramecia/Natural1, 50, 200, 100
Quake$1,000,000R$1,500Paramecia/Natural1, 50, 100, 150
Buddha$1,200,000R$1,650Zoan/Beast1, 1, 100, 200
String$1,500,000R$1,800Paramecia/Natural1, 50, 100, 225, 15
Phoenix$1,800,000R$2,000Zoan/Beast1, 90, 160, 250, 30
Rumble$2,100,000R$2,100Logia/Elemental1, 90, 160, 250, 30
Paw$2,300,000R$2,200Paramecia/Natural1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Gravity$2,500,000R$2,300Paramecia/Natural1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Dough$2,800,000R$2,400Paramecia/Natural, can be turned into Logia with Ken Haki/Observation on1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Shadow$2,900,000R$2,425Paramecia/Natural1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Venom$3,000,000R$2,450Paramecia/Natural1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Control$3,200,000R$2,500Paramecia/Natural1, 1, 150, 350, 250
Dragon$3,500,000R$2,600Zoan/Beast1, 150, 250, 350, 75
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